Proceeding & fees


One session for a massage, a part or full body treatment (manual therapy) lasts between 45 minutes and an hour. The first appointment can last longer if a detailed individual medical interview is necessary.

Be it for a relaxing massage, a preventive measure or a curative treatment, each visitor or patient is considered as one unique person, with his or her own strengths and weaknesses, affinities and conceptions, path of life and temperament. The massage or treatment is decided and agreed upon individually as well as practiced in as holistic a way as possible. I always find a precise explanation very important, so that each patient knows what to expect.

Fees for classical and relaxing massage (preventive, without medical interview):

duration about     30 minutes:   EUR 30,-

                               45 minutes:   EUR 40,-

                               60 minutes:   EUR 50,- (possibly as full body massage)


Invoicing for therapeutic i.e. curative treatments is according to the German fees for Heilpraktiker Gebührenverzeichnis für Heilpraktiker (GebüH) (services list beginning on page 9).

Private and complementary insurances assume fees for treatments and consultations done by „Heilpraktiker“ either completely or partially, so I recommend that you clarify exactly what kind of treatments and therapies your own insurance assumes.

Fees are unfortunately not covered by the statuary health fund. So please do not hesitate to contact and ask me about what I can do for you since it is a very important to me to treat and help anyone at accessible and fair conditions.

Here is some information on insurances covering services by Heilpraktiker:

There is a special offer for mums who also are welcome with their baby. I arrange an appropriate area for that occasion, with comfortable blankets and baby accessories mostly made of natural materials. This extra service is of course free of charge.

In general, even if one session already brings clear improvement, as it is often the case, further sessions are essential to reinforce that improvement and to achieve a complete recovery while ensuring effective and durable prevention.

The patients treated mostly feel a strong sensation of relaxation and an immediate relief of their pain as well as possible „after-effects“ on the following day(s) of the treatment, such as sore muscles or some light pulling in the body regions treated, which are to be considered as normal reactions of the body to the treatment and which belong to physical recovery. These are the reasons why physical rest is very important and should be respected for a few days after a treatment. The second session is mostly perceived as more comfortable and such effects might disappear already.

The therapies and methods I use belong to the so-called alternative and natural medicine („Naturheilkunde“) which have not been officially recognized by conventional medicine. For that reason, their effects and effectiveness have been experienced and documented but not been scientifically proven.

Appointments are made on agreement (per telephone or email).

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