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 Heilpraktikerin Carine Miens

Hello and welcome, my name is Carine Miens and I would be very pleased to help you to improve your health by vitalizing and optimizing your lifestyle and wellness!

After finishing my language and business studies in France where I was born and grew up, I came to Munich, working for about 7 years in sales, marketing and product management. Then I lived and worked for nearly three years in the South of France before returning to Munich and starting a family.

Since the age of 18, nutrition and health have always been among my most important interests. The birth of both my children led me to explore naturopathy (traditional and natural medicine) to an even greater extent. My interest progressively turned into a real passion, so that I subsequently took a course in traditional herbal medicine and phytotherapy in Bad Tölz during the spring and summer of 2011. The following October, I decided to start my intensive 2-year-schooling (in conventional medicine) in Holzkirchen in preparation to take the „Heilpraktiker“ exam. This is an official examination organized by the German health authorities ensuring that the practitioner's (academic) medical knowledge is adequate. The practitioner then receives the „authorization to practice medicine without being a doctor“. To my delight, I passed the entire exam in October and November 2013 in Munich and was officially allowed to practice as a „Heilpraktikerin“ i.e. „non-medical“, or „alternative practitioner“.

During my training I experienced first-hand the amazing effectiveness of alternative therapies. For example, Dorn therapy cured my chronic back pain within a few days, which I had suffered from for over 8 years despite undergoing several conventional medical treatments. Little by little I learned how important lifestyle and prevention are to maintain good health and fitness. Alternative medicines not only allow us to get and stay healthy but also help us to maintain our vitality, wellness and happiness.

Authentic human contacts have always played a major role in my professional and private life and I am happiest helping people directly and personally. In my previous career, the personal contact to my many customers was of utmost importance to me; in my new role as an alternative practitioner, I feel blessed to be able to relieve to my clients' or patients' suffering and guide them to a healthier lifestyle as well as to concretely help them with certain personal issues.

I started to learn, regularly practice and deepen the following therapies for that same reason:

. the "soft spine therapy" according to Dieter Dorn as well as Breuss relaxing back massage in the spring 2014 (skeleton and bones),

. the classical massage in the summer 2014 (muscles, fascia, lymph),

. the trigger point therapy and cupping technique in autumn 2014 (muscles, fascia, lymph),

. the Golgi point therapy in the summer 2015 (tendons, fascia),

. the foot and hand reflexology or reflex zone massage in autumn 2015.

All these therapies can be wonderfully combined since they perfectly complement one another.

I continue to educate myself in traditional and modern natural medicine including nutrition by regularly attending courses and/or workshops on various topics (mostly in „ZfN“ center, Munich). Consequently, I regularly add new methods and therapies to my treatments, ensuring an authentic holistic approach.

However I always take time to practice and deepen my knowledge before I decide to learn a new complementary technique.

In addition to classical dietetics I studied and experimented with various alternative diets such as vegetarianism, veganism, raw „vital“ or "paleo" nutrition and other methods including the lowcarb diet, the Metabolic Balance Program, Michel Montignac's glycemic index and Prof. Jean Seignalet „hypotoxic“ nutrition ("The diet or the Third Medicine") which has been proven for decades to be an effective preventive nutrition and dietetic treatment against scores of illnesses; patients not only in France but also worldwide have been witness to the many benefits of this diet whose appreciation has recently come back again.

I have chosen in 2017-2018 quite a holistic concept called "EMB® Consultant and Coach" which means "Nutrition, Mental and Exercise", three inseparable aspects relating to health and fitness indeed. My constant intention is to continuously optimize and update my skills and competence so that I can help and accompany you in an effective and holistic way whatever your state of health, possible difficulties and objectives are.

I then qualified as a consultant and coach in Ayurvedic nutrition in 2020, both trainings in ZfN Munich again with great renowned academic teachers.

I permanently study and develop my abilities and know-how in nutrition, soft manual methods, craniosacral therapy and fascia techniques.

I have started in September 2019 deepening my knowledge and extending my know-how in energetic medicine through a programm by Dr. Luc Bodin (F). The central principle can be found in approved traditional medicines such as the Chinese and the Indian Medicine (Ayurveda) as well as in many other traditional methods practiced in the most regions of the world. Body energy must freely flow through its paths (the meridians in the Chinese medicine) but can be blocked by different kinds of occurrences what sooner or later leads to various health troubles. Several methods to solve these blokades habe been developped until today.

In 2022 I have continued to improve my skills regarding mental strategies to reach nutritional and weight objectives even more successfully as well as in visual and blood and stool examination diagnostics. These are fantastic tools to detect further significance in organic and functional correlations and interactions as well as internal processes taking place in the organism what enables me to define even more precise and targeted therapeutic approaches.


Essential workshops and training sessions in traditional and alternative medicine/naturopathy:

March - August 2011


Traditional Medicinal Herbs and Phytotherapy, Ellen Huber, Bad Tölz

October 2011 -
November 2013


Intensive schooling for the „Heilpraktiker“ examination, Prisma Seminar „Heilpraktiker“ school, Holzkirchen

Heilpraktiker examination (written and practical/oral) in October and November 2013 in Munich

December 2012  

Dr. Loges Congress on fitness and healthy aging, Munich

Summer 2013  

Extra practice trainings to prepare the practical examination with Jannette Eggendorfer-Hofer and Susanne Kreuzmeir in Bad Aibling

April 2014


Dorn spine therapy and Breuss back massage, Munich

July 2014


Classical massage, ZfN Munich

October - Dec. 2014


Trigger point therapy and dry cupping therapy, ZfN Munich

July 2015


Golgi point therapy, ZfN Munich

Nov. - Dec. 2015


Reflexology, ZfN Munich

2014 - 2015


Courses attended in ZfN, Munich on the following subjects:

  • regulation and traditional detoxifying therapies for chronic illnesses;
  • natural hormonal therapy;
  • musculoskeletal system (degenerative and inflammatory processes);
  • ENT and upper respiratory tract; lungs and lower respiratory tract;
  • head focus.

May 2017 -

July 2018


Qualification as EMB® Consultant and Coach, a holistic "Nutrition/Mental/Exercise" concept,

ZfN Munich (with nutrition scientist Claudia Hitzelsperger)

October 2018


"Vital substances therapy in the practice", seminar by Dr. med. Harald Hüther (Munich area)

March 2020


"Fasten and bases - a perfect health?", seminar with a.o. Prof. Dr. Andreas Michalsen (Munich)

March - July 2020


Qualification as Consultant and Coach in Ayurvedic Nutrition,

ZfN Munich (with medicine ethnologist and Ayurvedic therapist Sylvie Gupta)


 May - Nov. 2022  

 Further skills acquired from the following courses in ZfN Munich:

  • "Mental strategies to desired weight"
  • "Face and body visual diagnostics" incl. the relations to organic and functional correlations as well as relating interactions in the organism
  • "Holistic analysis of blood findings" incl. organic and functional correlations as well as relating interactions in the organism
  • "Intestinal micro ecology" incl. stool findings diagnostics as well as organic and functional correlations i.e. relating interactions in the organism

Several seminars by the Institute of Microecology/IFM about microbiome, diagnostics and therapeutic approaches (www.mikrooek.de)



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