Golgi point therapy


Italian pathologist Prof. Camillo Golgi (1844-1926) discovered the tendon system which was named after him. This is an anatomic structure featuring myofascial receptors which measure and continuously transmit the tension status to the nervous system. It works as a protective function while avoiding excessive muscle contractions.

With the Golgi point therapy specific spots on tendons i.e. inducing bone contact are statically pressed simulating a sudden potentially dangerous muscle contraction which generates an immediate response from the nervous system in the form of a relaxation of the targeted muscle.

Nearly all kinds of pain relating to the locomotor system can be successfully and quickly treated with this therapy, as can light joint blockages.

Usual pain of the locomotor system is often a kind of blockage or congestion within tissues, where vital substances like oxygen, nutrients and metabolic products cannot circulate or get removed properly and eventually accumulate in specific spots. This, as well as mingling and shortening of muscle fibres, emerge in the medium or long term from different causes such as overstressing and incorrect postures in everyday and working life (long-time sitting…), permanent or repetitive stress sources (through unconscious muscle tension), accidents (bone fractures, traumas) or operations. Our lifestyle also exerts influence, of course.

This method, like the trigger point therapy, is quite demanding for the organism causing somewhat uncomfortable aching. However, it usually generates quick and definitive relief, causing your wellbeing and vitality to return.

Releasing such energetic congestions stimulates metabolism and has detoxifying effects so adequate hydration and rest are important after the treatment.

Indications for Golgi point therapy

- pain concerning the locomotor system and musculature (back, neck, jaw, shoulder, arm, hip, knee, hand, joint, sciatica…)

- headache, migraine, ear and hearing problems (tinnitus), eye problems

- complaints like tennis and golf elbow

- paraesthesia (mostly in the extremities), formication, weakness

- breathing difficulties (chest squeeze)


Duration of a Golgi point therapy session

A session can last between 20 and 40 minutes according to every personal case (+ detailed medical interview at the first appointment).


Important information

Please be careful to drink sufficiently before and after your session (since this supports the detoxifying and eliminating effects -releasing blockages) as well as to allow yourself some rest to extend the relaxation obtained and help your recovery.

Please avoid sunbathing on the treated areas because of the possible photosensitisation effect of the (organic) St. John's wort oil used.

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