Foot and hand reflexology


Representations of foot reflexology in ancient drawings indicate that this method has been practiced for millennia throughout Asia (China, India). It seems that it was also practiced as a distant organic treatment in various ethnic groups. At the beginning of the 20th century, American ENT doctor William Fitzgerald's findings were studied in detail and systemised into the so-called (foot) reflexology or reflex zone massage. This effective method was introduced in Germany primarily by Hanne Marquardt and her students.

Reflex zones are specific areas connected to distant body regions through energetic paths. They are all over the body, though easiest to find on our feet and hands. The way they look and their sensitivity reveal the body's general condition. Their stimulation through massage brings harmony and balance and malfunctioning energetic processes get released. Blood circulation is improved in the treated areas, as well as in the corresponding body regions, which leads to improved circulation of the nutrients and toxins and consequently of the metabolic functions.

Thanks to these regulating effects, (foot/hand) reflexology is a very good preventive measure and contributes to pain-relieving and healing processes of many illnesses. In addition this massage has relaxing and revitalizing effects.

 Fußreflexzonenmassage    Fußreflexzonenmassage

Typical indications for reflexology

- muscles tension including back pain

- digestive disorders

- (head) cold, disease (cold) susceptibility, sinusitis, allergies

- headache and migraine

- menstruation disturbances

- as an effective preventive measure for health and fitness


Duration of a foot (or hand) reflex zone massage

A session can last between 15 and 30 minutes per foot or hand according to every personal case and massage intensity (+ possible detailed medical interview at the first appointment).


Important information

Please consider that drinking sufficiently before and after your session supports the regulating and light detoxifying effects and be sure to allow yourself some rest, thereby extending the relaxation obtained.

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