„Naturopathy“ - Traditional and modern naturopathy


Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease

Hippocrates (460-375 B.C.).

Naturopathy aims to obtain and maintain health while reinforcing and supporting the existent body's healing power through the use of „natural components“ like air, light, the sun, water, cold, as well as medicinal herbs, food, thoughts and exercise.

Even medicine founder Hippocrates considered nature as a life and healing power. He obviously said „Not the doctor but the body itself cures an illness“.

In spite of some successful development in modern and high-tech medicine many people still are seriously affected by chronical diseases and suffer pain. Naturopathy often is a precious help in such cases and has been gaining great reputation again. Traditional methods and principles can be retraced through modern technique and have been recognized again. Some have even been further developped for a few decades.

Ayurveda for example, the holistic Traditional Indian Medicine has proved itself effective for thousands of years (!) not only as a curative medicine but also as a preventive method. Ayurveda is today a burning issue since many (modern) illnesses can be classed and treated according to its logical approach and Ayurvedic therapy can be easely combined to other medical treatments. Ayurvedic principles are a treasury for modern health and nutrition consulting.

Naturopathy not only assesses a patient's existing symptoms, but examines and considers every patient integrally before proposing a holistic individual therapy.

As a first step, a promising naturopathic treatment can include a so-called regulation procedure (therapy) to regulate and stimulate the healing natural processes so that the chosen therapy has the best chances to succeed. These processes can be constrained or weakened through external and disturbing factors which can induce several pathologies in the medium or long term. Such elements are, for example, poisons (toxins) which we absorb in the air, in water and food as well as through many different products of our everyday life. They cannot be metabolized by our organism or eliminated properly so they accumulate in various places inside our body.

Regulation therapies are, for example, measures to regulate the acid-base balance, restore a healthy gut flora, detoxification and elimination. Naturopathic methods and natural products are used, such as homeopathy, phytotherapy, aromatherapy, nutritional treatment, orthomolecular medicine and physical processes.

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