Manual therapies


Touching by hand of painful areas is the first human reaction to get some relief. That's why „the art of touching“ probably appeared instinctively and is one the oldest forms of medical treatment. Human hands are wonderful tools, giving comfort and a feeling of security; our hands have therapeutic powers, can alleviate pain and communicate energy.

A full range of different techniques have been developed from the original massage forms and have proven to be effective in relieving and sometimes even healing particular conditions. They are wonderful to gain and maintain our wellbeing.

The following pages explain the manual methods I use.

My favourite product for these is the wonderful St. John's wort oil in organic quality which has proven anti-inflammatory, analgesic, decongestant and deeply relaxing properties.

For classical massage, I use the same oil or another organic one like hazelnut or sesame oil, with or without one or several organic essential oils (aromatherapy).


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