Dear visitors, patients and clients,


It is still quite important to

keep your immune system strong with for example a

healthy mostly plant based nutrition,

some exercise indoor and outdoor,

adequate day-night cycle (sufficient sleep and relaxation..).


Several simple measures support the immune system very effectively.


Meditation can be a great help to maintain your wellbeing and to

boost your immune system even for some 10 to 15 minutes a day only.

This is a good possibility to practice every day or a few times per week:

Of course your favorite music also helps you to feel better and relax.

Here is some relaxing music you can hear while working, reading

or just having a rest at home:


Please still feel free and secure to come to my practice,

I would provide you with an appropriate and individual treatment

respecting all sanitary measures currently required.

Pain weakens the immune system, it is essential to try to remove it softly

and to treat the cause.

I can also provide video consultation such as personalized advice

on all you can do to strengthen your immune system and

prevent infections.


Please live and stay healthy, take care of yourself and your family.

I wish you and all of us ALL THE BEST in these difficult times.


Looking forward to seeing you soon (again)!



Carine Miens

Your therapist for fitness and prevention

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