Dear visitors,

I would be pleased to help you

identify your own needs

find out your own biological rhythm

trace possible toxic strain in your body,

define the most appropriate nutrition,

to come back to real well-being and good health and

of course to regain energy and reinforce your immune system.




Meditation can be a great help:

Some relaxing music too:


Please still feel free and secure to come to my practice,

I would provide you with an appropriate and individual treatment

respecting all sanitary measures currently required.

Pain weakens the immune system, it is essential to remove it softly

and to treat the causes.

A detailed anamnesis combined with a precise analysis of blood and/or

stool examination reports enable to detect possible dysfunctions or

organic weaknesses so that individual therapy and advice can be best defined.


Looking forward to seeing you soon (again)!



Carine Miens

Your therapist for fitness and prevention

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