Classical massage


Massage is a millennium old method for relaxation and wellbeing. It also serves as to prevent and treat painful disorders of the locomotor system. Specific techniques can even positively influence the natural healing process of organic illnesses.

Touch is a completely natural treatment which has been scientifically proven vital from birth on. Studies have also proven that simple massages not only improve patients' mental condition, but accelerate their healing as well. It has been observed in various traditional cultures that everyone benefits from regular massage, regardless of age. Massage unfortunately lost its importance through the development of modern and materialistic societies, except in the sport sector, where it has always been recognized and practiced. Fortunately, massage is steadily gaining acceptance in the treatment of a wide range of conditions.

Classical massage is the most known and widely used massage form. It aims at a harmonious balance between body (muscles, nerves, metabolism) and soul (relaxation, peace) through its regulating effects.


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Typical indications for classical massage:

 - acute and chronic pain of locomotor system (back, neck, knees…)

- (tension implicated) headache

- tensed up or weak muscles (myogelosis, trigger points)

- movement restrictions (through tensed up muscles)

- paraesthesia (mostly in the extremities), formication, weakness

- to improve blood circulation and metabolism of skin, tissue and muscles

- to stimulate lymph circulation

- as a co-treatment while „taking the waters“, detoxing or during a long-term therapy

- as prevention for relaxation and wellbeing


Duration of a classical massage

Each massage is individually practiced according to both your personal current situation and own desire. It can be, for example, either purely relaxing and restorative, or therapeutic, in the case of existing pain. This type of massage can be perceived as strenuous, but is very effective and helps to increase our wellbeing. A massage usually lasts half an hour to an hour.


Important information

Please be careful to drink sufficiently before and after your massage (since this facilitates the detoxifying and eliminating effects), as well as to allow yourself some rest to extend the relaxation obtained.

Please be careful to limit sun exposure on the massaged areas because of the possible photosensitisation effect of the (organic) St. John's wort oil used.

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