Cupping therapy


Cupping therapy is a more than 5000-year-old therapeutic method, which has been used in many countries of the world and proved safe and often rapidly effective in different indications. Although it has been a solid element of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this method has been forgotten in most countries due to the development of modern medicine. However it has experienced a renaissance in recent years and a growing number of therapists and even conventional doctors integrating it into their practices.

Cupping is a classical elimination therapy, stimulating the metabolism while enhancing our body's defenses, which accelerates the healing process in many symptoms and diseases. Even with a common cold, bronchitis or a sore throat, cupping therapy can help by reducing symptoms and providing a quicker recovery. My own grandparents were well aware of the benefits and used to practice cupping at home.

The so-called dry cupping therapy consists in placing some cupping glasses of different sizes on specific zones of the body for a few minutes. This generates some pull on the skin which reinforces local blood circulation and metabolism. This method is not painful but can cause anything from light bruises to hematomas, which are part of the healing process and normally disappear within a few days. This reaction stimulates and reinforces the body's defense, generating relief and healing.

Relief and healing can also be achieved in internal organs through cupping corresponding (reflex) areas on the body such as the Head Zones.

Schröpfen1  Schröpfen2


These are the cupping glasses (without fire) I use which are made in Bavaria. I find them very convenient since I can easily adjust the pull for even more comfort:



Cupping glass massage

A small cupping glass and St. John's wort oil are used for this wonderful stimulating massage which intensifies blood circulation and local metabolism. This is the perfect conclusion of classical massage or trigger point therapy since it reinforces their therapeutic effects. This is also a safe and healthy way to get rid of cellulite and make the skin wonderfully smooth and pure again!


Indications for dry cupping therapy and cupping glass massage:

- pain within locomotor system, muscles and joints

- as a complementary treatment with Dorn method and trigger point therapy

- headache including migraine

- as a complementary therapy for:

- common cold including cough, sore throat, bronchitis

- ear noise, otitis, sinusitis

- asthma

- cardiovascular illnesses; illnesses of digestive organs, urinary tract, veins, nervous system

- excess weight; cellulitis


Important information

Please be careful to drink sufficiently before and after the treatment (since this facilitates the detoxifying and eliminating effects), as well as to allow yourself some rest after the treatment.

Please avoid the sun after treatment because of the possible photosensitisation effect of the (organic) St. John's wort oil used.

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