My philosophy


Chances, the environment, way of life and of course genetic inheritance, are not the same for all. However we bear the most responsibility for our own health since such influential elements as lifestyle and diet shape our state of health significantly. That's why we have to stay informed since this is essential to our own wellbeing!

Pain is a warning signal from our body about a dysfunction which can no longer be ignored. Once we feel pain, it is imperative to take care of our health situation.

Everyone should observe his or her state of health carefully and actively take part in his or her recovery.

Body, psyche and spirit or soul act in concert and must be for that reason the heart of an individual and holistic treatment which encourages one's health and brings it back into balance. Naturopathy i.e. holistic medicine offers many possibilities to return to optimal health and harmony. Manual techniques, health i.e. nutrition consulting as well as energetic medicine and hypnotherapy are great examples to reach that purpose.

For example, prevention means balanced way of life, an astute perception of our body and its needs, as well as regular preventive measures which everyone can afford. A classical massage practiced regularly, including muscles and/or fascias manual treatment if needed, as well as one or two annual examinations (and treatment if needed) according to Dorn method, are great possibilities to prevent and potentially cure painful dysfunctions. Reflexology practiced a few times a year is another effective preventive measure.

The aim is a painless, healthier and vital body which is essential for a higher quality of life and a real feeling of happiness. We can best achieve this when we act before pain appears.

That's the reason why I wholeheartedly agree with this statement: „Prevention is the most effective medicine“!

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