Healing through the soft and effective Dorn spine therapy


In the 1970s, Dieter Dorn, from Allgäu in South Germany, „discovered“ and voluntarily practiced his own effective manual method, though he was not a trained therapist himself. As his method became more well-known, he began to work in conjunction with medical professionals and with their encouragement, he was able to further develop and teach his therapy. Dieter Dorn died in 2011 and his method continues to be practiced by an ever increasing number of therapists and doctors in Germany.

Dorn therapy is a gentle manual treatment which can quickly relieve back and joint pain as well as exert a beneficial influence on internal dysfunctions and psyche. This influence can be explained by the meridian system of the millennia-long established Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), as well as by the dermatomes principles and so-called Head zones. This method can be conveniently combined with a Breuss massage for an even more effective treatment.

With this method, the therapist's hands softly give impulses of autocorrection to the body which operates a slight movement itself. This can smoothly release so-called vertebra blockages. Structures are not overstretched and there is no strong grip so this is a very safe method when correctly practiced.

At the very least, the Dorn Method can relieve and often remove many painful symptoms, as well as often remedy their cause(s). It also is a qualitative prevention measure whereby patients receive individual and practical advices and are encouraged to take an active role in maintaining their health and fitness.


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Some information about the spine

The spine is not only the main support organ of our body but also spreads flowing energy through the whole body via the nerve cord system. All organs and functions are regulated and influenced through the nervous system in the spine. Each vertebra is linked through this highly complex system to specific organs in the body. A good functioning spine is the basic condition for a well-functioning organism i.e. a good health.

Hippocrates would have said „Look well to the spine for the cause of disease“.

Vertebrae move slightly in each of us over the years and thereby shift their optimal position, which can lead to energetic blockages. These blockages can themselves cause painful symptoms over time. Not only the back can be affected, but also any corresponding internal region (headache, insomnia, breathing difficulties, circulatory disturbance, fatigue, constipation...). Pain must not be ignored but considered as a warning signal, a „call for flowing energy“ (an over 3000-year-old Chinese saying) to which we have to react.


Indications for the Dorn spine therapy:

- pain concerning the locomotor system (back, joint…)

- headache

- sensation trouble in arms and/or hands (paraesthesia)

- (chronic) fatigue

- illnesses and symptoms like:


                   slipped (herniated) disc

                   cervical spine syndrome

                   shoulder-arm syndrome

                   adolescent kyphosis

                   Bechterew's disease (ankylosing spondylitis)

                   auditory vertigo and other vertigo forms

                   carpal tunnel syndrome

- scoliosis

- heart rhythm disturbance (cardiac arrhythmia)


Duration of a Dorn session

A Dorn examination and therapy can last between 45 and 60 minutes according to your personal case (+ detailed medical interview at the first appointment).


Important information

Please be careful to drink sufficiently before and after your Dorn treatment (since this facilitates the detoxifying and eliminating effects -releasing blockages), as well as to allow yourself some rest to extend the relaxation obtained and to help you recover more quickly.

Please limit sun exposure to the treated areas because of the possible photosensitisation effect of the (organic) St. John's wort oil used.

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