Trigger point therapy


So-called trigger points are very sensitive sore spots located within muscles which often cause radiating pain on palpation.

This phenomenon reveals a blockage or congestion within tissues in which essential substances like oxygen, nutrients and metabolic products cannot circulate or be properly removed. As a consequence, these substances accumulate in specific places. This, as well as mingling and shortening of muscle fibres, appear in the medium or long term from different causes, such as: overstressing and incorrect posture in everyday and working life (long-time sitting…), permanent or repetitive stress sources (through unconscious muscle tension), accidents (bone fractures, traumas) or operations. Of course, our lifestyle also exerts a considerable influence. Active trigger points can then lead to further complaints like functional and movement restrictions, asthenia and arthrosis.

The trigger point therapy releases these blockages through specific hand manipulation, stimulating the correction and healing process.

This method is unfortunately not a relaxing massage but instead quite taxing for the organism, causing some discomfort. However, it generally provides surprisingly quick and definite relief which restores relaxing wellbeing and vitality.

Releasing such blockages stimulates metabolism and has detoxifying effects so adequate rest and fluid intake are important after the treatment.


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Indications for the trigger point therapy:

- pain concerning the locomotor system and musculature (back, neck, shoulder, arm, knee, hand, joint…)

- headache

- complaints like tennis and golf elbow


Duration of a trigger point therapy session

A session can last between 30 and 60 minutes according to your personal case (+ detailed medical interview at the first appointment).


Important information

Please be careful to drink sufficiently before and after your session (since this supports the detoxifying and eliminating effects -releasing blockages) as well as to allow yourself some rest to extend the relaxation obtained and help your recovery.

Please limit sun exposure to the treated areas because of the possible photosensitisation effect of the (organic) St. John's wort oil used.

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